QuiltCAD lets you design and layout your quilt stitching patterns
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QuiltCAD is an exciting new software package from Cabin Logic that enables you, the quilt designer, to quickly and easily design and layout your quilt stitching patterns.
QuiltCAD is actually a bundled pair of two powerful applications: QuiltCAD, the quilt layout and pattern placement tool and PatternCAD, the continuous line pattern design editor.

Main Features:
- Quilt Layout - Create quilt layouts that range in size from 2 inches by 2 inches to 14 feet by 14 feet.
- Block Layout - Dynamically select the number of block rows an columns
- Powerful Block Selection Tools - Targets your pattern placement and shaping
- Auto-pattern Sizing - Patterns will automatically size themselves to the blocks' dimensions
- Pattern Shaping - Stretch, rotate, scoot, and flip your patterns
- Design Preview - Full-screen view of quilt design
- Print-to-Scale - Yes, print your own patterns, quilt layouts, and pantagrams to scale. Pages are numbered and calibrated for precise alignment.
- Automatic Border Creation - Orients and connects patterns into continuous borders.

Actual users' questions

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  • Question: Is there an Android tablet version of QuiltCAD software?

    No, there is no version of QuickCAD available for Android operating system. I've searched through Play Store and Android Informer databases, but nothing came up as viable to use. According to the official information, you can install this software only on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

    Visit the following website to obtain additional information: http://www.cabinlogic.com/site/quiltcad

  • Question: Do you have any other drivers for this program? I have updated with CDM 2.04.16.exe but neither HP laptop nor Microsoft Surface 3 tablet will connect to Q'nique computer. I have to disconnect and run in Simulation mode.

    There is a PDF file released by the developers/manufacturers which provides all the information related to driver updating procedure. I have checked their website, but couldn't find any driver at all which means, according to the information in the PDF file, that it comes with the installation package as well.

    Download PDF: http://www.graceframe.com/site/images/documents/support/quiltmotion/driver-update.pdf

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